If You Use Sound Cloud, Beware of The Thieves!

Sound Cloud Thieves, BewareSound Cloud has grown to be one of the number one websites on the internet to market and promote your music. Many artist use sound cloud as their main source of promotion. This is not a bad idea, however where there is good, there is always the bad. Hopefully this article can help you protect yourself from the evils that be. Here are 3 issues you should be aware of when uploading your music/content on sound cloud

Issue #1  - Too Many Thieves in the Cloud

If you are an artist or musician that works hard to create their own unique music, good for you. However, there are many people out there who specifically look for styles to rip off. I don't mean that they look to be inspired. They looked to specifically copy styles and use your sound or creativity as their own. With Millions of uploads on Sound Cloud, what better place to go then a free hub with most of the worlds artist posting unique content every day. This makes it the perfect place for a number of kind of music thieves.

Music Thief #1  - The Industry.

Yep! Record label executives sign few dozen artist every year. Many are very talented in their own right.  However, with the challenge of coming up with a hot song or concept, many scroll the pages of you guest it, Sound Cloud. You have to know that on all levels the pressure is on for the next hit single. So what many do and think nothing of it is BORROW your idea's from Sound Cloud. The only thing is when success is achieved they forget to give you credit. Which the truth is, they had no intention to.

Music Thief #2  - The Artist

Not everyone that performs should be called an artist. If you ask me, an artist is someone that can take a blank canvas and paint their own picture. Using a template can be very borderline in questioning your ability to create your own material. With this fact being stated, you now are introduced to the copy cat. This so called artist looks to the pool of unheard talent to BORROW fresh ideas for their material. Now they may be talented but lack creativity. They also may have a direct connection or even signed to a record label deal and need fresh ideas to submit to their record label. So why not browse the largest music cloud on the Internet to still from the guy who may never be heard or signed. 

Music Thief #3  - The Writer.

After reading about the first two thieves, how could you not think about the one who gets writers block and needs a fresh new idea. Well not exactly a fresh new idea if its yours. There are writers with amazing talent that can write from inspiration and pen some of the best heart felt lyrics. On the other hand, you have those that will hear a concept and completely use it with changing the words just enough to make it their own. It actually takes talent to do both methods. However the true inspiration of the idea is never credited.   

Issue #2  - Copyrighting Your Music Sound May Not Be Enough

The truth is once you record or save your music composition the first time, it is copyrighted. It's even more protected when you make it public which documents the time of its release. However, this along with sending your material to the copyright office in U.S Washington D.C. still doesn't protect you 100%. The law doesn't allow you to copyright chord progession, the idea of your song, or even some of the common phrases. Many thieves are hip to these facts.

Should you copyright anyway before uploading on Sound Cloud?

I would suggest that you still copyright your music the right way. Even though uploading to soundcloud or even to social media acts as a copyright, you may still want to send of your material to Copyright office in D.C.

Issue #3  - The Cost To Fight Back

No one really wants to go through the long and expensive process of a copyright law suit. Sometimes it appears that the system is not designed for the small guy or the person with little resources or money to win. For this cause alone many people don't even pursue what may be their right to be compenstated. The process not only takes money but time. Looking at the recent outcome of Jay Z and Timberlands case over the song Big Pimping, it was an 8 year battle. It was finally dismissed by a federal judge, but not before all of the fees that were paid. Could you afford to spend 8 years or more of your life fighting a copyright battle. This could be a thought before you put all of your material on Sound Cloud

Article By Allen Brown

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