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5 Ways You Get Cash Rewards With

You Get 30% Cashback Every Time You Purchase a Beat With Your Premium Membership

It doesn't matter what beat license you want, with your premium membership you get 30% cashback on every beat purchase. Once you are inside, we give you your own personal beat store with all the beats that are uploaded on Your membership allows you to purchase beats from your own beat store as well as share your beat store with other artists and music producers. This opens up even more income opportunities for you which I will discuss in #3

Free Standard Beat License Every Month

As a Premium Member, you get a standard beat credit every month. This credit you receive will allow you to download any qualified standard beat. You can use your credits at any time.

You Make Commissions Every Time Beats Are Played By Those You Refer

When you get your Premium Membership today, you automatically become a part of our referral program. This opens up your opportunity to get paid more! Here's how!

You are paid multiple ways when you invite artists and music producers. When you invite an artist and they play any beats on, you are paid a percentage from each beat stream. When you invite music producers, you are paid each time one of their beats are played/streamed to the listening artist. We reward you with beat play commissions since you are the one who did the work to bring them into the community.

You make 30% from your customers when they buy beats from music producers.

You Make 30% Commissions - Anytime one of your customers (Those You Referred) decides to purchase a beat from any music producer, you will receive a 30% commission from the sale. That is a commission for bringing the customer to our platform. If it wasn't for your effort in sharing, maybe the buyer would not have found the music producer who benefited from your promotion and word of mouth. We value your efforts more than any other beat platform by paying you a 30% commission when your customers buy beats.

You Are Paid 40% Every Month For Every Premium Account You Refer

We offer you a residual income benefit by allowing you to receive a 40% commission from every artist and/or music producer that gets a Premium account as a result of your invite. This is a great reward for you once you grow your referral list and are receiving multiple commissions from many users. We provide you with all the tools you need to get started today!

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