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$200 1st - JimmyDukes
$100 2nd - Jokeyent

The-Corporatethief-Beats VS GAmmo

Too Close ⚠️【Travis Scott Beat】 Hustler Status
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Battle Started : 9 months ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Hustler Status Producer
    9 months ago

    Good battle both compositions were good IMHO TCBT beat sounded more current and had the better energy good luck to both 🫡

  • BeatsByJayree BeatsByJayree Bronze Status Producer
    9 months ago

    gammo I think you could use a little more Automation with different effects and it would make your transitions between those 2 different elements better. But over all dope beat!

Battle Results (The-Corporatethief-Beats VS GAmmo)