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1st Place - LiingoBeats $200
2nd Place - BigThrowback $100

mrsonistbeatsofficial VS QTheBeatDealer

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Battle Started : 1 week ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • GAmmo GAmmo 03-20-2023 11:49 AM

    Damn this is cloooose! but gotta go with Q on this one; that melody was addictive. Drums and sounds are dope!!! Sonist, yours was sick af too but Q just had that bit more for me. Good battle!

  • BobChops BobChops 03-20-2023 08:52 AM

    I think sonist has a better mix. Arrangement about the same. How creative is really tough, About the same again.

  • Gant Gant 03-19-2023 05:53 PM

    extremly close goin wit q

  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Bronze Status 03-19-2023 01:03 AM

    Very good battle I like the subtle simplicity of Mrsonist joint just a bit better than Q’s although his joint was dope nonetheless 🫡

  • FlashFingaFlame FlashFingaFlame Bronze Status 03-18-2023 01:02 PM

    both beats are on point i went with mrsonistbeats just cus i liked the melody better mixes on point

Battle Results (mrsonistbeatsofficial VS QTheBeatDealer)