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1st Place - JimmyDukes $200
2nd Place - BosBeats $100

Jokeyent VS BigThrowback

April 2023 $500 Tournament

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"FEeL LoBbY BoYz TyPe BeAt"!!!!$$@@# Bronze Status
11 Vote 16
SuiCide - My BroTheR keeper Bronze Status
40 Vote 84
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Battle Started : 1 month ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • GreggorBeatz GreggorBeatz 05-01-2023 08:18 AM

    Soulful mastery, infectious and mellow groove. A good mix and arrangement. Fire!

  • GreggorBeatz GreggorBeatz 05-01-2023 08:13 AM

    This is dope! Mixed well, captivating arrangement and love the vocal sample. Nice work!

  • AboutBeats AboutBeats Bronze Status 04-30-2023 09:04 AM

    DAMN! salute to you both Jokey BIG t had to listen few times just because i really love them joints! i give it to BIG T! this final was hella crazy! #1

  • TrizzyTrent TrizzyTrent 04-29-2023 02:38 PM

    so tuff to even score these!

  • TrizzyTrent TrizzyTrent 04-29-2023 02:35 PM

    Can't Decide!!!

  • BobChops BobChops 04-28-2023 10:46 AM

    I really liked jokeys beat, because of phil colins sample, and piano. Was creative. Big Thow's beat just sounds like what the average persons definition of East Coast is. Most people will hear it, and say, that's east coast and i like it. IMO. Has very broad appeal.

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 04-28-2023 12:07 PM

    I wanna do a show with u Bobchops your analysis be so on point bro...

  • BeasleyDropDat BeasleyDropDat Bronze Status 04-28-2023 03:17 AM

    Y’all definitely came wit it!! Amazing battle fellas!! These beats are so smooth and creative! Much love and respect to you both!!

  • The-Corporatethief-Beats The-Corporatethief-Beats Hustler Status 04-27-2023 04:36 AM

    I had to listen to both beats a number of times because both beats are fire. It's so hard to choose from. I love big throw backs baseline and the floating vocal sample chops and on the other hand I love what Jokey has done with that Phil Colins sample. Think I slightly swayed to Jokeys beat here.

  • Arcade Arcade Bronze Status 04-26-2023 08:55 PM

    Well the raw east coast Throw got it. Better beat in my opinion I think Joekey got it. Both beat fire. really hard vote. Good stuff fellas.





  • MurdaBeats MurdaBeats Hustler Status 04-26-2023 04:21 PM

    jokey killed it

  • jonesontheBEAT jonesontheBEAT Hustler Status 04-26-2023 04:05 PM

    Yooooo... This Battle was tough to decide on!! .. Both beats are INSANE! Even though both are crazy... Had to lean towards Jokey on this one.. Good luck to both producers!

  • OneKingManagement OneKingManagement Hustler Status 04-26-2023 02:03 PM

    I feel both beats are fire, however I went with JokeyEnt for the aggressiveness

  • BosBeats BosBeats 04-26-2023 01:25 AM

    Wow both beats are sick, Throw your drum game is always dope , but here, the heart felt piano on Jokeys got me with the guitars that went with it and bass line. I got hella respect for both of you. Gl to both.

  • Quazar Quazar Bronze Status 04-25-2023 07:19 PM

    BIGGUP TO BOTH...NICE-UP AND DOPE JOINTZ!!!!!!....NY, NY!!!!!!!!.....PEACE & LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  • djprodluigi djprodluigi Hustler Status 04-25-2023 04:46 PM

    i mean both beats are super saucy but gad damnn, i just knew it throwback will go all hard fr. That sample just finessed it fr fr and the laid back drums def a east coast vibe

  • KingYohannesBeats KingYohannesBeats Bronze Status 04-25-2023 10:11 AM

    both yALL way too fire sheesh I had listen couple more times to decide this is a very good battle here both beats hits my soul this the Goku and Vegeta Fight here one of the best battles I got jokey by a nose hair man yall both inspired me to go cook up

  • GAmmo GAmmo 04-25-2023 09:21 AM

    Damn... you 2 both are my favorite producers on this site. I know I keep repeating it... :D but damn, voting for either one of you in a tournament is hard. In my mind not even fair. But... I have to. Jokey, your beat is dope, sample is killer and that intro is smooth af. But Throw got that laid back east-coast shit I really like alot. That sample is crazy aswell and the chorus has that ''think about life for a second''-stuff ya know. Again, you guys are both amazing and my inspiration. Had to go with Throw on this one. Well done both and congrats to both for being in the finals!!!!

  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Bronze Status 04-25-2023 09:55 AM

    Preciate you G-Ammo much respect 🫡

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 04-25-2023 09:06 AM

    GL my to battle you and qUAZAR in the same tourney

  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Bronze Status 04-25-2023 09:54 AM

    No doubt Smoke you already… GL we here

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