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mrsonistbeatsofficial VS GAmmo

DeFenDeRZ Basic Status
2 Vote 16
Darkest Hour (Orchestral / Eastcoast) Basic Status
9 Vote 84

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Battle Started : 1 week ago


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  • KingJamez KingJamez Basic Status 08-06-2022 11:38 PM

    Man both were fire beats, Ilisten to mrsonis first n was like man when the beat kicked in this is clean af, then GAmmo came with the heat as well, GAmmo by a hair, Good battle guys.

  • BobChops BobChops Basic Status 08-06-2022 02:47 PM

    My arsonist, good solid beat. I vote for Gammo, because I think the chopping was really good, the arrangement is good.

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 08-05-2022 06:20 PM

    gotta come back after I listen with fresh ears both fire

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 08-05-2022 06:16 PM

    yall came with it mang

Battle Results (mrsonistbeatsofficial VS GAmmo)