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CatsBeats VS AmadeusG

I PROMISE Basic Status
13 Vote 94
Trap Coast Basic Status
1 Vote 6

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Battle Started : 1 month ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • VigilanteStylez VigilanteStylez Basic Status 08-11-2022 10:29 PM

    Went with Cat. Both beats need to be mixed better. Couldn't even hear most of the elements of Amadeus' beat. Scooped out mids too. Tells me Amadeus mixes on really mid rangy speakers. Mix that beat over again, or send it to an engineer to mix it properly, then battle it again, and you will do better.

  • AmadeusG AmadeusG Basic Status 08-11-2022 10:43 PM

    Thanks for the feedback. I need it....

  • GAmmo GAmmo Basic Status 08-12-2022 07:19 AM

    Agree with Vigilante here. Quality wise the beat is bad. But there's alot of potential for sure if mixed correctly. Therefor vote goes to Cats

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 08-11-2022 08:11 PM

    bruh what happened to u fam in the tourney?

  • CatsBeats CatsBeats Basic Status 08-12-2022 02:53 AM

    I didn't make it in time

  • AmadeusG AmadeusG Basic Status 08-11-2022 07:09 PM

    Appreciate you for your feedback... Thank you!

  • BeasleyDropDat BeasleyDropDat Basic Status 08-11-2022 05:18 PM

    Nice one @Cats dope beat... @Amadeus I like the vibe of your beat but your mix could've been a lil better IMO but I got @Cats on this battle... GL to you both

  • CatsBeats CatsBeats Basic Status 08-11-2022 05:37 PM


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