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QTheBeatDealer VS GAmmo

WE VIBIN Basic Status
5 Vote 43
Yes It's Rough (Piano / Eastcoast) Basic Status
7 Vote 57

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Battle Started : 1 week ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • QTheBeatDealer QTheBeatDealer Basic Status 09-22-2022 08:04 AM

    I Appreciate that...Much Respect Fellas

  • Choicez Choicez Basic Status 09-20-2022 01:20 PM

    Yes it's very Rough in life but we are ALL vIbing! lol We ViBiNg!

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 09-20-2022 12:27 PM

    both beats fire...only one was more in swing with battling

  • BeasleyDropDat BeasleyDropDat Basic Status 09-20-2022 11:48 AM

    Damn Q thats a whole vibe right there.. GA very smooth.. I love those vibes but I got Q on this battle.. Great job fellas

  • GAmmo GAmmo Basic Status 09-20-2022 10:57 AM

    Definitely vibing Q, chill beat!! have fun on the battle man

  • QTheBeatDealer QTheBeatDealer Basic Status 09-20-2022 08:55 PM

    Yes Sir Thx..same to you 🔥

Battle Results (QTheBeatDealer VS GAmmo)