Beat Name: Motion Picture" Future x Juice Wrld Type Beat

Producer: Smittie Did Da Beat


Get ready to embark on a sonic journey with 'Motion Picture,' a mesmerizing Future x Juice Wrld Type Beat that will transport you to a world of musical imagination. Set in the key of G minor and clocking in at 140 BPM, this beat is a fusion of futuristic vibes and melodic brilliance. The pulsating rhythm and ethereal synths create an otherworldly atmosphere, while the hypnotic bassline keeps the energy flowing. With its cinematic quality, 'Motion Picture' invites you to paint your own epic story.

  • Genre: Soul Trap
  • BPM: 140
  • Beat Mood: Epic
  • Contain Sample: No
  • Keyword Tags: Juice Wrld, Future, Trap Soul, Hip Hop, Smittie Beat
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