Beat Name: Hidden Hills ⚠️【Ariana Grande Trap Beat】

Producer: The Corporatethief Beats


my new Ariana Grande Trap pop type beat  which has a similar style to here pop trap beat 7 Rings and you can also purchase the lease rights on

Welcome to The Corporatethief Beats, where we bring you the best in trap pop beats. Our latest release is a stunning Ariana Grande-inspired beat that will have you vibing from the very first note. With a similar style to her hit song "7 Rings," this beat combines the infectious energy of trap with the irresistible catchiness of pop.

Produced by Daniel Hartnett, aka The Corporatethief Beats, this beat is the perfect backdrop for any Ariana Grande-inspired track. From her powerhouse vocals to her iconic style, this beat captures the essence of everything that makes Ariana Grande great.

But don't just take our word for it - head over to to purchase the lease rights and hear for yourself why this beat is a must-have for any serious musician. With its dynamic instrumentation, irresistible hooks, and impeccable production, this beat is sure to take your music to the next level.

  • Genre: TrapPop
  • BPM: 145
  • Beat Mood: Complex
  • Contain Sample: Yes
  • Keyword Tags: Ariana Grande, Ariana Grande TYPE BEAT, pop trap beat, pop trap, Ariana Grande trap beat
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