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Producers! My name is MandieX and I am a multi-genre artist who is known for incorporating multiple genres into my music. I'm looking for a producer who will take a risk on their beat and try to fuse or blend TWO GENRES together. ALL GENRES WELCOME! Pop - Country - EDM - Rock - Hip-Hop - Rap - R&B - Dubstep - Hyperpop - Trap - Drill Can you blend two genres together (for example, country/drill type beat or pop/hip-hop type beat)? Then you should audition for this beat request! AUDITIONS: I will be listening to each audition LIVE on Beat Promoters Radio on IG and go through each submission with my thoughts & final decision! Look forward to hearing what heat you all bring! Thank you so much!!

  • Budget : $50 to $500
  • Genre : Country, Pop, Drill
  • BPM : Mid-Tempo
  • Beat Mood : Sexy
  • Contain Sample : Doesn't Matter
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