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? **PRODUCERS!! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE SUBMITTING!** ? Producers, Beat Promoters Radio this week, we are looking for the most captivating East Coast, West Coast, and Dirty South type beats! What do beats in each regional genre entail? ? **East Coast**: Known for its gritty, hard-hitting beats, East Coast music typically includes boom-bap drums, jazzy samples, and the perfect ambiance for complex lyricism. Expect strong kick drums, crisp snares, and soulful loops. ? **West Coast**: Characterized by smooth, laid-back grooves, West Coast beats often feature funky basslines, melodic synths, and G-funk elements. The vibe is all about that sun-soaked, relaxed feel. ? **Dirty South**: Famous for its energetic and bass-heavy sound, Dirty South beats include rapid hi-hats, booming 808s, and distinct melody lines for catchy hooks. This genre is all about bringing that raw, club-ready energy. This is your chance to showcase your diversity in music production on our Multi-Genre Beats HOT 100 playlist! This is not just any playlist, it's our promotional tool that's aired during our nightly livestream. These are the beats that artists hear during their interviews on Beat Promoters Radio. A placement on our HOT 100 means more exposure, promotion, and distribution! Your beats will debut live on Beat Promoters Radio's livestream simulcast, which streams from Monday to Friday at 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern on YouTube! If your beats resonate with the community, they'll earn a coveted spot on the HOT 100. Show us your versatility! Submit your beats now! ??

  • Budget : $50 to $100
  • Genre : East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South
  • Beat Mood : Epic
  • Contain Sample : Doesn't Matter

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