5 Tips for Increasing Your Beat Sales!

5 Tips for Increasing Your Beat Sales!

Here are some tips and experiences that you can use to sell more beats online in 2022.

  • Select a Platform

Even though you may have your own website, you want to make sure you are still apart of a few commercial beat websites.  The crucial point here is to access people who are driven to these big websites by a part of other producers driving their traffic there. Many producers make a key mistake thinking it's easy to just set up a beat website and just like that, receive a thousand visitors a day. Doesn’t work that easy. It’s the reason why small companies desire to get their products in major chain stores to gain distribution and the additional benefit from the major traffic the major chains provide. Initially, you shouldn’t be too concerned with your beat sales at the start, as there will be growth later. The key is to introduce yourself to the global beat community. Your only job is to find the best platforms that work for you and use them for what they are worth to brand yourself! 

  • Build your Beat Catalogue

It is important to grow your catalog for the sole purpose of selling more beats. You can start building shooting to have a  minimum of 50 beats uploaded at any given time. You really can’t expect to do well with anything less than 20 beats, but 50 gives you more opportunity to get more listens, which then gains more sales. Make sure you offer each user the opportunity to upgrade their license type as well. This gives you more of an opportunity to close sales by offering a variety.

Set your Prices

It would be best to price your beats by understanding the market and demand for your product. In the beginning, you may have to sell your tracks at a bargain to build your creditability. But consider this an opportunity to build your name and brand and to form trusting relationships with your customers, further turning them into permanent buyers. 

I would also suggest you price all your beats the same price to give them all the opportunity to be heard. Let’s just say you have your favorite beat uploaded and you put it in the top spot. The fact that you like it so much you price it at $50 and the rest of your beats are at $25. You are projecting a perceived value to the visited that this beat is valued more for whatever reason. The potential buyer now presses play and immediately is turned off. The question is, will he have the edge to check the lower-priced beats knowing the one that was priced higher was not to his liking. Pricing all your beats at the same price avoids this reaction and could lead to more potential buyers playing all of your beats. 

Create Relationships

Once you are set up, you will want to focus your attention on building contacts. You as a music producer will need a system to keep your beats in front of potential buyers who at any time may express an interest in purchasing new beats. This is where you must understand the process of lead generation. 

Lead generation is the process of finding potential buyers and getting their contact information to later sell them on what you offer.  They are usually obtained by offering something of value so you can start the process of building rapport. Most producers do this by giving away free beats. I used to teach this method years ago, but I don’t agree with it anymore. I would prefer a producer give an artist an eBook that shares how they could promote their music, how they could get radio play for their music, how to get a record deal, how to raise money as an artist, and so forth. This is just one way, but it’s many more. When you brand your value material, a potential buyer will always remember where they received free valuable information and possibly done the line, buy from you. 

  • Move Quick on a Sale

Once you have finalized the deals with your customer, complete the sale as quickly as possible instead of holding it for weeks. It helps build your professional work ethic and shows the customer that you want to build a good business relationship. It also increases your reputation among the community and enables you to make maximum sales in the shortest time possible.

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    there are a lot of producers that don't understand this. it's good that this has been brought to the table