[Video] - Music Producer DonKodyGotSlapz Offers Tips for Selling Beats in The Future

[Video] - Music Producer DonKodyGotSlapz Offers Tips for Selling Beats in The Future

[Video] - I had the opportunity to cross paths with music producer DonKody a few days ago. Somehow he stumbled upon one of the promotions for the new BuyBeats.com platform and reached out to me. We connected on Instagram and he became my first referral/customer on the platform. The following day, I woke up to discover this video of DonKody breaking down the importance and relevance of BuyBeats.com and how it will perform better than some of the major beat-selling websites. The crazy thing is, I didn't share much about it with him, but he visited the site and saw for himself the power of how music producers could benefit and grow in sales by helping each other. Press play and check it out!

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