[ NEW FEATURE GETS YOU PAID!!] - Play and Pay For Recording Artists

[ NEW FEATURE GETS YOU PAID!!] - Play and Pay For Recording Artists

As we continue to offer many ways for our users to generate income, artists can now enjoy another benefit while shopping for beats online. Getting paid while listening to beats!

This new addition to our platform is something that other industries have done for some time now, and WHY Not? Advertisers pay millions to reach your eyes, this is just another way for them to reach you while you do something that would normally not pay you anything. As BuyBeats continues on its path to present innovating ways to support its members, the benefits continue to get better and better.

The Benefits for Artists.
- You can now turn the hours you spend searching for the right beats into cash.

The Benefits for Music Producers
- You can let artists know they get paid to listen to your beats. Which if you use your profile link, you will enjoy the other multiple benefits that get you paid on this platform.

3 simple steps for artists to start getting paid.
1. Register for a free artist account if you don't have an account already.
2. Become a verified "Blue Check" artist on the platform. The following will let you know how.
3. Start listening to beats and receive stream revenue each time.

How to become a verified artist?
The fasted way an artist can receive their Blue Check verification is by creating a free beat request. It's in doing so that our staff will make sure you are an actual recording artist by reviewing one of your social media accounts. Once verified, you can enjoy the full benefit of getting paid while listening and shopping for beats.

The Rollout!
The web version of our platform is already paying artists out for their beat plays.
Our mobile app will be updated before the 1st of September with this feature.

If you want to take advantage of the system that we have in place that pays you multiple ways, make sure you hit that blue share button for this blog post which will generate your custom link with your username in it (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO SEE THE BLUE SHARE BUTTON). Remember - Every member( Producers or Artists) that signs up with your links continues to get you paid!

If you have any questions, please post them here.


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    Another top tier play my friend?

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  • BJordanSounds BJordanSounds Bronze Status Independent Artist
    9 months ago

    !!!! This platform gets better and better!!!

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    9 months ago

    Another Banger Allen You are setting us up for success frfr!

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    8 months ago

    much success to all the producers on the platform

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    8 months ago

    how do I sell

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    7 months ago

    how do I get verified