The New Way For Music Producers to Sell Beats in 2022

The New Way For Music Producers to Sell Beats in 2022

On April 1st, 2022, the founders of are launching their new platform to offer more ways for music producers and artists to generate income as well as gain more promotion for their beats. They have thought of a way that helps music producers generate additional income while promoting and selling beats online. Therefore, making right now one of the best times to start promoting and selling your beats online at

Since the internet came on the scene, music producers have been finding ways to sell their beats online. The production community online has evolved to the point where many music producers have found extraordinary success. Some even make millions on the internet. However, there are many music producers that have not quite gotten their fair share of the profits. It doesn’t mean that their music/beats are not good, but often it has to do with their way of marketing their beats and a few other things. The reason why may vary for each producer, but one thing is for sure, it’s not always easy to generate a nice income selling and promoting your beats online. This is where this new ecosystem for music producers, artists, and others willing to cash in comes into play. 

The founders of have incorporated marketing tools and systems that other big community beat store platforms do not have. These tools are offered to help you leverage your time when selling your beats on their platform. The reason why is because others are incentivized to share your beats online and get paid in the process at the same time. This now becomes a win/win for both music producers on the platform and those who will send customers to the site. The great thing about it all is it also gives music producers ways to get paid in more ways than one while also promoting their beats.

Here is how it all works!

When you sign up as a music producer on, you get a unique link to your beat store. When visitors to the site sign up, they become your customer and now are forever tied to you. This customer can be an artist or music producer, but when they subscribe to a service or buy any beats on the site, you get a 30-40% commission each time because your efforts brought them to the site. Great thing is, if that same customer buys your beats, you keep 100% of the beat sales price. This has never been done in the online beat selling industry this way. 

Leverage is the key!

Leveraging your time, your beats, and your customers is how you win on and currently, no other beat store offers such a process. For example – If you have a BeatStar or Airbit profile account and you send traffic to those sites to your beats from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even your own site, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. The reason why is because they don’t let you own that customer. Once the customer you sent there is a member of their platform, you gain nothing else from their future purchases from other producers or if they spend with the site itself. This is what makes the go-to spot to promote and offer your beats. We let you leverage your time and efforts through the income rewards we offer you.

It’s time to stop leaving money on the table! It’s time to hustle smarter and join the only beat-selling marketplace that gives you an opportunity to make money by sharing with others. Right now, it is free to join for everyone in the referral program for a LIMITED TIME! And it’s not just for music producers. Artists, promoters, managers, social media influencers, labels and anyone looking to build a passive income online can join. Simply sign up today and receive detailed instructions on how you can get started today! Click Here

" is The Only Beat Website that Pays You in 3 Ways!" is a website that gives both Artist and Music Producers an opportunity to make additional income while buying and selling beats online. The system is designed to pay you for simply sharing beats. If you're already sharing your beats online, and not making additional income, then you need to sign up to today! You're losing a lot of money if you're using websites like Airbit, BeatStars, Soundee, or others. is the only beat website where you do the same thing as other sites but instead pays you multiple ways!

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