[Video] - Beat Request Service For Recording Artists

[Video] - Beat Request Service For Recording Artists

There is nothing wrong with searching for beats, however, BuyBeats.com has installed a Beat Request system that eliminates the search process. You can now as an artist discover new music producers and beats based on the type you are looking for.

Check out how this new tool benefits artists and music producers that use it.

3 Benefits for Artists When Using Beat Request.
#1 As an artist you can share the Audition Playlist link with other Music Producers and ask them to audition. You get paid multiple ways when they sign up from your invite.
#2 You get to discover new music producers who make the beats you're looking for that you may have not found from searching alone.
#3 You get to use this service for FREE on any level of membership.

3 Benefits for Music Producers who use this feature on BuyBeats.com
#1 You get a qualified lead for your beats. More likely to buy what they are looking for.
#2 You get to make money from their beat play. If the artist doesn't buy the requested beat, you still get paid from the beat play. Win/Win!
#3 The audition playlist can be shared which gives you more exposure for your beats when other artist review the request.

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  • jonesontheBEAT jonesontheBEAT Hustler Status 2 months ago

    This is just incredible!!

  • DonKodyGotSlapz DonKodyGotSlapz Hustler Status 2 months ago

    i love this. Cant wait to direct potential clients to this

  • maritimans maritimans Bronze Status 2 months ago

    Wow . Love this !

  • Arcade Arcade 2 months ago


  • DubVBeats DubVBeats Bronze Status 2 months ago

    I can dig it! ??

  • BJordanSounds BJordanSounds Bronze Status 2 months ago

    Yo this is DOPE! this platform just gets better and better!

  • DisABanger DisABanger 2 months ago

    On the musicians profile where it says Social Media Verified in green, can that be linked to their profile with current music so we can catch a vibe? or can they be required to submit some music that they would like us to use as a reference for the audition?

  • OneKingManagement OneKingManagement Hustler Status 2 months ago

    This is a game changer and will save artist time and money!