[Video] - How the Money Flows for Music Producers on BuyBeats.com

[Video] - How the Money Flows for Music Producers on BuyBeats.com

BuyBeats.com has introduced affiliate marketing to the beat community and has change the way music producer can make money online. Many producers are still not clear as to how the money is made or how the money flows. This video offers a real case scenario where three music producers benefited from one new beat buyer. The new member signed up and on their first day played 35 beats and completed their first beat purchase on the platform. The following video walks you through each step and show you the process in how each producer involved generated income with just this one beat buyer.

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  • jonesontheBEAT jonesontheBEAT Hustler Status 3 months ago

    This is incredible! The best time to be a music entrepreneur is now thanks to the Buybeats platform!

  • MIKEMOPROBEATS MIKEMOPROBEATS Hustler Status 3 months ago


  • maritimans maritimans Bronze Status 3 months ago

    BuyBeats.com is a genius idea. As a producer/artist who has multiple affiliate businesses online, I've been waiting for a platform like this for a long time. This is definitely the future. Let's GOOOOO.

  • beatzbydablock beatzbydablock Bronze Status 2 months ago