[Video] - Recording Artist Earn Cashback Rewards and More Buying Beats Online

[Video] - Recording Artist Earn Cashback Rewards and More Buying Beats Online

Music Producers are not the only ones with major benefits on BuyBeats.com. Recording artists can earn rewards and grow their residual income as well. The goal for BuyBeats.com is to be the largest profit sharing community for both artists and music producers. The first innovating platform to offer this opportunity is here now!

Artists can use the BuyBeats.com referral system and grow in multiple ways. For one, when you decide to create an artist Premium Account, you begin to receive cashback rewards for every beat purchase you make. It's always good to receive cashback on your purchases, so why not receive 30% cashback with your BuyBeats.com beat purchases .

As a Premium Member, you get a standard beat credit every month. When ever you're ready, you can use those credits to download a standard lease beat. You never lose your monthly credits, and you can use them at any time.

Music producers are paid each time an artist plays their beats on BuyBeats.com. However, they are not the only ones that are paid. You are paid when you refer an artist and that artist plays any producers beats. You are rewarded simply because you invited the artist and without your effort they wouldn't be on the platform. So for that, as long as you have an active premium account, you are paid for those beat plays.

What about if I invite a music producer? I'm glad that you asked that question.

If you refer a music producer to BuyBeats.com and they start getting beat plays/streams. You get paid every time their beats are played. But that's not all! If any artist you invite to BuyBeats.com purchases any music producers beats, you receive a 30% commission from the purchase price.

This is a great time to be an recording artist or music producer with the benefits that are now offered to you on BuyBeats.com. Check out the video to get more details and see why it's benefits you to start your Premium Account TODAY!


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    This is the absolute future!

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    Buybeats has changed the game completely!

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    This is more than any other platforms! Buybeats.con is leading the way now!

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