Add Ghost battles as an option? Can't see votes or who's battling... also, hook beats in battles...


  • ECass ECass 1 year ago Producer

    In addition to Regular and Genre battles, a "Ghost" battle option may be cool. Selecting this option will hide the votes and users until the battle has completed...

    Beats with hooks should stick to beats with hooks battles... this could be solved by when users select regular battle then the beat list filters out hook beats...

    Just some thoughts/feedback on features

  • BobChops BobChops 1 year ago Producer

    Yes, that was tried before. R It doesn't make that much difference. Because instead of buddy voting, people just voted badly.

    It's hard to really accurately vote on two beats you feel are mediocre anyway. And does it even matter? what was revealing tho, is that some industry producers, who were amazing, battled and lost with really hot beats.

    The thing about battling, is to use it for motivation. If you won all the time, you become complacent anyway.

    And it's hard to be objective, about our own work. So sometimes, you might really feel you won, but you have to accept other people are into different things at different times.

    I really hate the modern trap sound, with the distorted 808. But people love that sound. I don't understand why, they just do.

    And again with Ghost battles, you still have people who think a good mix down, is just the one that is loudest. And that it was they are most impressed by, a loud sounding beat.

    The interesting thing about Rocbattle was, actual professional producers, with actual records people would buy, use to come to the site now and again, and they were not very popular.

    In general people like the sound of the top sellers more then the those old pro's.

    Maybe because, nowadays, beats have been around for a long time, and it's more about participating. Same as computer games, they use to be great, and then all the people who enjoyed playing the video games, wanted to try to make them, themselves. And they were crap at it, but it didn't stop them, because they didn't want to make great games, they just wanted the exclusive job of being a software developer.

  • ECass ECass 1 year ago Producer

    You have some very good points and insight and I like the computer game metaphor. I see that and it does make sense in the environment we're in today with everything going on... This reminds me of an interview Young Fyre had where he mentioned that he never really gave in to the hype of what's out today and tried to stay true to him. Topics and fads come and go but the underlying principles continue to grow... which is the passion for music ultimately. There's no right or wrong, just opinion and taste.
    To handle for the volume maybe integrating something like a leveling that increases and decreases the files to the same wav lengths would solve for the voting for the louder beat. Or add a filter that doesn't allow users to upload clipped beats.
    I may be thinking a bit outside the box but by trade I'm a product owner and naturally think of enhancements for a product... this site is a product in itself and anything can always be better than it was previously.

    Young Fyre Interview:

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent 1 year ago Hustler Status Producer

    when you have a unique sound people will still know who it is