Artists & Producers: Introductions


  • Mandiex Mandiex 10 months ago Bronze Status Independent Artist

    Tell us about yourself: what type of music you make, accomplishments, accolades and also drop your social media handles so we can all follow eachother. ⭐

  • Jbtheflyguy Jbtheflyguy 10 months ago Producer

    Jbtheflyguy here producer from Minneapolis,Minnesota. I enjoy making beats for good rhymes.

  • Fredybeatz Fredybeatz 10 months ago Producer

    I'm Fredybeatz, I produce Trap, RnB and rage sometimes pop,I would like to work with a lot of artist just making music for the love of music.


    IG: iamfredybeatz 

  • 2hunbeatz 2hunbeatz 10 months ago Producer

    2hun Beatz, I’m from Dallas, TX and I’ve produced for countless artists worldwide; indie and major! Genres ranging from Hip Hop to Afrobeats/ Pop beats.

  • MattBeats MattBeats 10 months ago Producer

    I am Matt Beats, a producer based in the Netherlands and i make soulful beats in the style of Rick Ross, J Cole etc!

  • Julianoman Julianoman 10 months ago Independent Artist

    I like variety of beets but my top favorite is like melodic Beats and I'm saying that I kind of put you in the trance

  • Andyjonthebeat Andyjonthebeat 10 months ago Producer

    Hi ! Im Andy J On The Beat. I Make several Styles of beats , Hip hop, Lo-fi, Trap , Reggaeton , Dembow . Im Guitar player too and i make guitar loops for collabs  Mi IG : andyj_beats

  • Beatz_by_Wuga Beatz_by_Wuga 9 months ago Bronze Status Producer

    wassup im Beatz by Wuga from Kildare in Ireland

    been producing for over 10 years

    winner of the drum brokers/rasheed chappell 1520 remix contest 2023

    winner of Bandlabs beatmaker 2 contest 2019

    3rd place in beatstars/fryie remix contest 2023


  • Julianoman Julianoman 9 months ago Independent Artist

    My names Terry buty artist name is Juliano.. Just tryna make a name I guess

  • Mandiex Mandiex 10 months ago Bronze Status Independent Artist

    MandieX, an independent multi-genre artist  
    Genres: pop, hip-hop, rap, country & EDM. 
    Follow me on all social media platforms @therealmandiex or @MandieX
    Spotify, Google, Rap Fame, Rapchat, Inadot, Common Space, Jemi & BuyBeats
    Opened up for Blueface in November 2021 -  CoughFest Oklahoma City, OK
    Co-Headliner with Bfb Da Packman in August 2023 -  CoughFest Oklahoma City, OK
    Co-Hosted Make Your Mark Live with Multi-Platinum Producer @citoonthebeat

    200K+ Followers
    Creator of the Rapchat Live Theme Song  - Artist selected for #TheLiftoff Series - Artist selected for the Podcast series - Co-Hosted 36+ Rapchat Live Shows - #1 Song for Remix Feature - #1 Song for Female Artist - Won 4 Official Rapchat Contests

    RAP FAME APP  Joined February 2022 | 8K+ Followers | 95 Featured Songs // 2022 Award Nominations: Woman of the Year - Crew of the Year - Best Cypher - Best Contest Entry - Rookie of the Year Rap Fame Contests:
    1st Place:
    2x Top 5: 15x  Top 10: 31x  Pick of the Week: 9X   

    As you can see, I have some success on these iOS apps - but that doesn't equate to my success in the industry (on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc.) I have over 500K streams across these apps and a whole 20 listeners on Spotify. I need help getting this traction on my other platforms so I am working on building my network outside of these apps and look forward to connecting with some of ya'll to make that happen. You can help the cause by following me on YouTube, Spotify & IG. I will follow everyone who does so! Thanks so much. 

  • TootTheProducer TootTheProducer 10 months ago Bronze Status Producer

    Hey! I just followed you on IG.

  • Mandiex Mandiex 10 months ago Bronze Status Independent Artist

    Thanks so much! I'll be sure to follow you back. xoxo

  • djprodluigi djprodluigi 10 months ago Hustler Status Producer

    INTRO: Independent Music Producer based In Switzerland & Kenya. Bachelors Degree in Computer Information System. I have been at the game for 6 years now, working on new sauce everyday. Still an upcoming music producer tryna make a difference in these world and showcase what i have and can do. My love for music is a lot of words. But one thing i came to learn and it will always will stick with me is that consistency is key. 


    GERNERS: Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop, Afrobeats & Hyperpop


    CREDITS: Khaligraph Jones, Bigkaybeezy, Rocastaryoshi, Rowdy Rebel, Silverstone Barz, Happy Singh Music, Steph Kapela, RideMyVibe, Boutross Munene, Itsbantana and Many more


    ACCOPLISHMENT: In the year of 2021 I was nominated as the producer of the year in Kenya.  Appeared a couple of time on the television where News is casted (Citizen TV)


    VERIFIED MUSIC PRODUCER: Spotify, Buybeats and Google


    TALENTS & SKILLS: Graphic Design, Coding (Basic), Swimming, Microsoft Office Work, Recording, Mix and Mastering e.t.c



    Instagram: @prodluigi

    Spotify: @djprodluigi

    Mixcloud: @djprodluigi  

    Youtube: @djprodluigi or prodluigi pain


  • Mandiex Mandiex 10 months ago Bronze Status Independent Artist

    Aww that was awesome getting to know about you! I'll be sure to follow you everywhere. We gotta work also. I've heard you on Beat Promoters Radio and you are fire!

  • TribeCheif TribeCheif 10 months ago Independent Artist

    I'm a music Artist from Orlando Florida ? Taylorman and I share creative minds..

  • TootTheProducer TootTheProducer 10 months ago Bronze Status Producer

    What’s up fam!

  • TootTheProducer TootTheProducer 10 months ago Bronze Status Producer

    I’m a producer from Alabama. The genres I like to produce are Hiphop, Trap, Rnb, and Pop. My IG is @Toot_TheProducer and my YouTube is TootTheProducer. I have produced for BigBoogie, Coileray, Yung Ralph, Rich Homie Quan, Jhonni Blaze, Bandhunta_izzy, Traykash +more.

  • InoTech InoTech 10 months ago Producer

    My name is Paul (INOTECH3D BEATZ) Music Producer from Maine, USA.

    I’ve worked with people like: Lex Luger, Mattazik, KaynMadeThis, Gudda Gudda, T-Hood, Swede808Mafia, and SuperStarO to name a few...

    I am an honor graduate of The Los Angeles Film School (Science of Music Production), with years of experience specializing in Rap, Trap, Melodic Trap, & Detroit-style beats. Currently a member of BeatClub.

  • Uezurii Uezurii 10 months ago Bronze Status Producer

    Hey all! I'm Uezurii, coming at you from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I've been immersing myself in the music scene for over 11 years, vibing hard with genres from (deep) house to trap, R&B, Kizomba, and more.


    Rapping and record label:

    Lately, I've been trying my hand at rapping. Still finding my groove, but every legend starts somewhere, right? And if that wasn't enough, I've kicked off my own record label, CollabHaven Records! Under its umbrella, we've got the CollabHaven Collective—a dope community where everyone can link up and collaborate, making magic happen.


    Grapic Design:

    Besides creating and curating beats, I also dive deep into graphic design. Just another way I express myself. With music, design, and now a community backing me up, I'm super amped about the future and where this ride's gonna take me! ????


    My socials:

  • jonesontheBEAT jonesontheBEAT 10 months ago Hustler Status Producer

    yO YO... What's up family!

  • Mandiex Mandiex 10 months ago Bronze Status Independent Artist

    Yo what's poppin JonesontheBEAT!! 

  • JoeRealBeats JoeRealBeats 10 months ago Producer

    Joe Real Beats here, been making music sence 1999, I make hiphop and R&B, I'm entering into the JerseyClub type beats, But I believe I can do it all. I've been on stage with a group I was in, in the pass. but it's all behind me now. I have music on all platform 

    Spotify: JoeRealBeats

    Soundcloud: @joerealbeats  


    IG: @joereal_beats

    TicTok: @joerealbeat


  • beatsfromYHWH beatsfromYHWH 10 months ago Hustler Status Producer

    Greetings! I'm Marian, a.k.a beatsfromYHWH. I'm a music producer from Romania and I usually make trap& hiphop beats but I love to indulge in some live techno/house and other genres as well.
    Nice to meet you! Wish you success & GOD bless! ??

    my social media handle is @beatsfromYHWH on all platforms

    i worked with: @batchelor_official, @hellboy707, @illkabir, @chidhog find them on YT or IG

  • GIODRUMMER GIODRUMMER 9 months ago Producer

     I go by GIO DRUMMER,  Im a producer and drummer from New Jersey!
    The genres I usually do are - Trap , Hip-Hop, Drill, Reggaeton, R&B

    Ive been playing drums for over 10+ years now and have been producing for about 7 years now
    Started my LLC for my home recording studio ( BROKEN NECK RECORDS LLC ), I offer Studio Time, & Mixing and Mastering services as well
    Certified in Music Production - Studied at Berklee School Of Music
    Im also a father of two growing boys, so if you have kids you already know thats another job right there haha but I love them and they made me a better person, They are a blessing

    Im looking to collab with dope producers & artist and make dope music!

    Instagram @GIODRUMMER_


    Follow me and I will follow back!!! Ill show love to your music, listen to your beats ( lets get these streams up!! )
    You can also message me to chop it up
    Excited to work and network you!!

  • TariqAli TariqAli 8 months ago Bronze Status Producer

    Hello Everyone.  My name is Tariq Ali. (No I'm not Muslim) lol.  Born and raised in Columbus Ohio but currently living in Atlanta GA.  I've been producing music for 20 plus years working on various genres of music.


    Some of the tools I produce with include, MPC Live, Logic Pro, Native Instruments Maschine, and Ableton.  


    I've been blessed to be able to work with Native Instruments as a contractor working on numerous projects over years providing high quality sound design instruments, one-shots, as well as creating demos for the maschine and kontakt libraries.

    I also was a content provider providing unique high qualitly loops and samples for by Native Instruments. Unfortunetely that platform ended mid 2023.


    Currently I create music for various indy artists as well as running my loops & sample library company:


    Follow me on IG @tariqalimusic


    Thats really the only social media I frequently use! 


    Let's eat together!