Cakewalk free DAW!


  • BobChops BobChops 2 years ago Producer

    I used Cakewalk, before they went bankrupt. It was not my main daw. But I used it a lot. It's a bit wonky in places, and sometimes crashes. Also it can be a bit obtuse.

    But it's good, for the reason that it was a full fledged commercial DAW, and now it's free. It's a lot better then other free DAWS. They even included a lot of the expensive channel strip plugins and tape emulations etc. That you use to have to pay 100's of $ for.

  • VigilanteStylez VigilanteStylez 2 years ago Producer

    My first DAW was Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. Sad they went bankrupt, but their DAWs are usually top notch!

  • Arcade Arcade 2 years ago Bronze Status Producer

    My first love was MTV Music Generator.

  • ELFREE ELFREE 2 years ago Bronze Status Producer

    I Had 1,2 and 3

  • MIKEMOPROBEATS MIKEMOPROBEATS 2 years ago Hustler Status Producer


  • BobChops BobChops 2 years ago Producer

    Hey guys, luluella has ask me, that she wanted to start making beats. So I helped her make this beat together.

    lucy's first beat!

    Go easy on her, she is still learning.

    Anyway, we used Cakewalk! I actually own the old Steam eddition of Sonar. So I use the new Bandlab version and also the extra plugins from the steam version. Also the Steam version comes with samples as well. And I also own the classic, Z3ta sonar synth on steam.

    Lucy made this beat, and she really liked using the Rapture session synth.

    I helped her mix it down. I have to say, the free Cakewalk has some amazing plugins! The pro-channel is so great. The compressor is super. Also the Breverb is very nice indeed.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find an auto pan plugin. So we had to download the free melda plugins and use that one. Lucy, also wanted to put some samples, from her favorite film, Robocop, in it as well. So the Melda plugins came in handy again, for applying a pitch-shift/autotune effect on some of the vocal samples.

  • BobChops BobChops 2 years ago Producer

    Well Lucy, was very cross, with me, for losing to Lingobeats, with my wooly mammoth mix down.

    So I going to let you into some secrets, if you bother to read my threads, as a rewards.

    This morning, I finally decided to fix my volume woes. So what I did was first of all.

    I knew that buy beats, turns the volume down. So I needed to work out by how much.

    So I took Lingo's beat and some references, and worked out that, it must be by about -6db.

    So then what I did on my beat, was I put an EQ on it. And I lifted the top end right up, so that I could see how far I needed to go.

    What I did was I put my maximiser on, then pulled the master fader down by 6db, and then listened to Lingo's beat again to check the volumes.

    It's actually this battle, yucky nasty mix

    Well, that was to test out how it would sound once it was uploaded. It sounds really nasty, because all I did was boost the living daylights out of the treble.

    Still it was some important lessons.

    My next move was to then mix the beat all over again. I won't lie, not a big fan of mixing really. I don't even like super loud, super clean mix's.

    Anyway, here is the update. better version

    Is this mix perfect, no... I still could do more, to get rid of the slight distortion in places. And I could of done more effects and stuff, but I am sick of this track now.

    One thing I had to do, was transpose the whole track 2 semitones upwards. That's actually the original key I wrote the beat in. But I normally dip the pitch downwards, because I like a low slung sounds.

    I don't think it compares to lingo's mix down 100% but he instruments his track, in a way to get that mixdown. That's something I am not prepared to ever do. Music comes first!