My set up!


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    I mainly use Reason 10. But its good to turn off computer sometimes and use gear instead.

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    Wow that's a lot of cool analog gear! It's fun to make music with analog stuff. Nothing wrong with clicking the mouse, but I feel like analog gear promotes experimentation, and coming up with melodies, and rhythms in real time instead of drawing in one note at a time on the piano roll. It's like you make totally different music when the workflow changes. Plus analog tends to always sound warm, and colorful. It really adds to the vibe. My opinion.

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    Yea! I consider myself extremely lucky to have my setup!

    My problem is, that I don't have much time to do music anymore unfortunately. Hardware really changes things a lot. But it also adds extra steps. You have to track it out and mix it down.

    So my review of my gear.

    First off the Micro Korg. The one I have is the white one with wooden cheeks. It's really beautiful, and you just want to sit there wiping it with a cloth and keeping it looking new.

    It sounds amazing! It's really good fun to use.

    The Kross 2 special edition I have is really nice as well. The Korg waveforms are mint. Out of the box is sounds far more modern and useable then the Roland Fa-06.

    The Kross 2 is very fast to use, and it has a sequencer similar to an MPC. It comes with a software editor, that I hook up to make sounds with, as making sounds on the board it self, is it's weak point.

    The Roland FA-06. I always wanted a Fantom x and never got round to getting one. The Fa-06, has so many sounds it's insane. You even get all the old SRX expansion boards for free, and you can load up integra sounds as well.

    The FA is pretty simple to use. It has nice UI and 16 fx's processors and a couple of master ones. It has built in virtual analogue synth. It has everything.

    The weak points are that the drums are not very good, but you can layer them easily. Programming sounds on the board is pretty easy, but the big problem is no software editor x:

    The sampler on the FA-06 is very limited as well. Which is a real shame. But it's still usable.

    TBH, I probably bought too much stuff. I should have probably just bought one thing and just used that. Someone that use's one keyboard and knows it inside out, is in a better place then someone with 10 keyboards that knows only how to turn each one on and adjust the volume knob.

    That said... Unfortunately I did have to return my Model-D but I am planning to get it again. I am thinking that I will buy a mixer and the Behringer TR-808 or the TR-909. I will then get some guitar FX pedals. And I will then have a really old school setup.

    The Electribe 2 is really all someone needs. It does everything, tho it has it's quirks and limitations. But it has built in FX's, and you can resample with the FX's over and over again.
    The only downside, is it's a bit hard to use, as the UI is not super intuitive.

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    Was making beats today. Well spent most of my day organising my studio.

    I have to say, nowadays I really like to start what I am doing on hardware.

    Looking at the daw blank screen, it’s hard.

    Maybe because I spent so many years looking at it.

    What I love about the boards and beat boxes, is that it makes everything smaller and more focused.

    You don’t really need 200,000 sounds and 1 million drum samples.

    I think k if your a producer why not have both? What else are you going to spend your money on?

    I really dig software as well. I have reasons 10. And I got rob papen predator, a really nice 808 and just bought the red rock sound lunch box plug-in, with some beautiful hard sounding dbx compression. I have a load of stuff.

    Except time to use it!

    We can all be great producers. Those guys that use to do their own thing, and spend a whole day making 1 sound. Take advantage of the amazing gear time
    We live in. You can buy cheap hardware or use a daw for practically free. But don’t let gear define you, fight the lazy path and do it 100%