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  • KiloOnTheBeat KiloOnTheBeat 10 months ago Producer

    Here is mine. 2 Dell QHD monitors. Goovee lighting, Arturia KeyLab 49 MKII, Stream Deck, Limited Edition Classic KRK Rokit 5", Arturia MiniFuse 1, Alienware R13 Liquid Cooled i7, RTX 3070Ti, Alienware Peripherals. Xbox Series X. Simple and classy with my palm trees. It's all about those vibes!

  • BobChops BobChops 10 months ago Producer

    Hey, GTX3070ti is not for music making! what games are you playing? 



  • KiloOnTheBeat KiloOnTheBeat 10 months ago Producer

    Hahaha! Starcraft 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Battlefield 2042, and Smite.

  • Choicez Choicez 10 months ago Producer

    with the RTX 3070Ti, you are good for a couple of years bro lmfao!

    im waiting to see if nvidia will phaze out the 3070 and turn them into 3060ti ;)

    If i was you... i wouldn't even worry about 4k shit play your games at 1080p with a huge monitor and you good for years on max!

  • KiloOnTheBeat KiloOnTheBeat 10 months ago Producer

    Hell yea! I do 1440p for my gaming. I used to favor resolution over frames but once I went from 60hz to 120hz or above, as soon as I went back to 60, It feels like I'm lagging lol. So I like higher frames now haha.

  • Choicez Choicez 10 months ago Producer

    trust lol i understand completely bro!!! Cheers!

  • BobChops BobChops 10 months ago Producer

    I don't buy new graphics cards, because they devalue so quickly.  I got a Ryzen 5 rig, with a RX5700XT.  It plays Totalwarhammer 3 on Ulra settings well enough, at 1080p.  Also plays Fallout 4 nice.  

    I only have 1080p monitor.  I was going to get a 1440p, but Totalwarhammer is so demanding, I think this card I have only just about manages it.  And if I got a bigger card, I would need a faster chip as well. 

    That said, what games nowadays that people actually want to play, require any of these super cards?  Totalwarhammer is the exception, its a great game, but really it's old as well, if you count the previous 2 installments.  Most games now are really tedious.  Maybe the new EA sports games or call of duty make the most of powerful rig.  I don't play those games tho. 


    And, when they make these games, they optimise them for mediocre or low end rigs.  Because there is not enough people with high end rigs to sell copies to.  Thats why people with i9 or AMD thread ripper don't see the jumps they expect.  The games are just really using 4 cores, and maybe a bit of off loading on some of the other ones.  That's why CPU speed is still so important. 


    To be honest, my pc is a garbage dump.  The case is cheap, most of the parts are cheap.  It's just a tool. It's not like a Mac where it feels like a real item.  


    Might need a better pc to play this tho! if it ever gets released.


  • Choicez Choicez 10 months ago Producer

    word of advice

    no point buying 80's card from nvidia in my opinion. The last 80 card i bought from nvidia was the 780 and it was a waste. Still to 70, or 70ti for future proof. 60's are good but anything 60ti, you are getting a rebrand 70's card from nvidia. On the AMD side.... I use to have a 5700xt (IT WAS A BEAST) but i would always get blackscreens at times. Found out the cards when they first came out was overlock to start with lmfao!


    about you Ryzen 5... what you have?

    im still using the 3600x chip with overclocked ram... trust me bro... if you have the same... Keep it. Do not get the 5600x upgrade to the latest 7600 with a new board and have a upgrade that is leaps and bounds!

  • BobChops BobChops 10 months ago Producer

    I have the Ryzen 1600 AF, which is a special chip, because it is acutally the same as the 2000's generation.   It's good enough for me.  TBH, my first pc was a pentium 3 900mhz, when I was 18 lol! 


    Anyway, wasted the last two days, playing awesome campaign on Totalwarhammer.  I actually saw off the demon armies early on.  Spent, most of yesterday, and today, trying to repel the undead.  And then, bloody wood elves invasion!  destroyed all my buildings!


    I rage quit, and deleted my saves!  actually I just waiting for this ancient core duo mac to arrive.  When I get it, I will cut the IDE cables in my pc.  I use my pc case, to hold up my slat bed.  


    And then I will use the relic mac to do music with.  At least for 4 or 5 months.   


    I love gaming, beer, pizza and all that stuff.  But I got to use my time more productivily!


    I miss the old days of gaming. Where you had Mass Effect or Zelda, Mario etc. You played the game for 20 hours, it was done, you moved on with your life. 

    Now they worked out, how to make games go on forever! 


    That said. I use to be a huge RPG fan.  I had Final Fantasty 7 on the playstation one.  I didn't get that far tho.  It's the one where your wandering around this acedemy, and then you go to the sea side.  

    Not a huge JRPG fan. I have completed DARK SOULS 1 and 2 and Blood bourne.  But then lost interest in the later games as the magic has gone.  


    My fave western RPGS, are Fallout 3 + New vegas, Dragon Age Origins, Never Winter Nights, Morrowind + Mass Effect.  


    Now the best story in an RPG ever is Plane Scape Torment.  Really after playing that, I was done with RPgS, because I knew there would never be another RPG with a story as powerful as that. 


    My other great games, are the Mercenaries.  like GTA. Halo, Theif, Tenchu stealth assassins etc.  I also really liked the single player games in call of Duty in the old days. 


    Sometimes, you just need to run around shooting people with a machine gun.   Battledfield 1943.  And I have Battlefield 4, which i think is the last good one before they fell off.  


    Now the best space horror games are, Dead Space 2 and Chonicles of Riddick escape from butchers bay. 


    I got the new Doom, it's so cheesey tho.  It's like play school doom. I still play ancient doom, and it still scary as shit.  


    The next important games are the Resident Evil series.  Even the new remakes are great!  


    One of the best games, I really wanted to see through to the end, but didn't is Shawdow man.  A voodoo horror game set in new orleans.  You have to stop 5 serial killers.  



    best trailer ever!