Studio One Users


  • VigilanteStylez VigilanteStylez Basic Status 4 months ago

    Any fellow Studio One users here?

  • DonKodyGotSlapz DonKodyGotSlapz Hustler Status 4 months ago


  • VigilanteStylez VigilanteStylez Basic Status 4 months ago

    I love it. Reminds me of Reaper but with a lot more options on the table. Plus the MixFX engine. Analog summing in the box is a wonderful thing.

  • staffmuzik staffmuzik Basic Status 4 months ago

    Been using it since Studio one 2 now Im on 4 and never went back to pro tools. Dont get me wrong pro tools is industry standard but I just love the open concept of Studio one. I love mixing on Studio one because of the headroom it gives you. Plus the editing capabilities are endless.

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 4 months ago

    best program out

  • BobChops BobChops Basic Status 4 months ago

    I have never used Studio 1.

    There are so many DAW's now. I use to try different DAWS back in the day. I understand, if you are all software based, it's good to change it up sometimes. It can get boring using the same old thing all the time.

    For me DAWS nowadays, are too feature laden. A lot of the older versions were better imo, because they were less cluttered.

    This is my DAW problem. To me the most important thing, is how the faders/mixing console looks. Reason has the SSL, and it works good, and looks like a desk. The best is Pro tools, because I think the way the console and the faders look, is just right.

    I don't like cubase, because the faders look like some futuristic bs. And to me Logic is just awful, I really hate the way logic looks. Very childish. Everything is bad the colours, and graphics etc. It manages to look childish and boring at the same time. I understand, some people love it tho.

    Fl studio, I can understand why people like it, because it looks fun to use. But it's not my thing.

    I understand, people will say pro tools is bad, it crashes etc, whatever. But I always thought it was the best DAW, because they kept it so simple, and it just looked really good to use. The plugins were really amazing as well. They looked really good as well. You just wanted to start using them.

    On a lot of DAWs, all the plugins have a unified look, and that I find boring. Another DAW I think is a bit like pro tools, is DIgital Performer, but I have never used it. But it looks really good.

    The reason I use reason, and not pro tools. Is because Avid, has insane pricing policies and ridiculous subscription model. Reason cost me $200, as I bought an upgrade from a light version in a sale. Since then I have spent maybe $800 on plugins.

    Pro tools, wants you to spend $300 a year or something, just to rent their product. I just stick to my ancient pro tools 8 LE. I like to use, my ancient mac, and Mbox, because you can get stuff done with it. It's still more powerful, then any hardware. It does more then you would ever use or need. I have high powered PC as well, but I normally have to pack it away, or I will just end up playing games on it.

  • VigilanteStylez VigilanteStylez Basic Status 4 months ago

    Imo. Protools, is just a very basic DAW. Which is not a bad thing. You get in what you put into it. The stock plugins are decent, and AAX plugins at least for me have been stable. AVID Heat is a nice addition to give things some analogish warmth. Now on to Studio One. I like that everything is in front of me, and I don't have to flip windows to see waveforms, and then go back to the mixer. It's all there. It has a summing engine which gives it a sound, and it has a really nice summing engine addition called the retro mix classics, where you can sum through SSL consoles of every type. The 4000s, the 9000s and the Duality. Add some real good SSL Channel strips like the ones from Brainworx, and you have a very legit sounding SSL mix in the end.

    Reason has a SSL 9000 style mixer, but it only looks like one, does not perform or sound like one. But for those who don't care, and just like the SSL workflow with the sound of digital, that is cool. It gets the job done.

    My super mixing DAW is Harrison Mixbus 32C. Now that is a thing of beauty. Super simple, and easy console workflow, and amazing sound. Their summing engine, and tape saturation on the busses, give it a really really nice sounding clean analog sound. It doesn't sound "dirty" like most analog emulations, it sounds very warm, and yet very clean. The mixes I do in there have a very 3D sound quality just because of their under the hood, automatic gain staging, dithered channels, plus the Harrison channel strip which also has saturation in the channel as well. No need for 3rd party plugins in Harrison MB 32C, just load up the project and start mixing. Everything you need right in front of you, plus polarity optimization which is a massive time saver, where it can automatically detect conflicting phase relationships, and fix them all across the whole session in one click. Amazing. To me that is the Protools killer. No matter how hard I try in Protools, I can't get a mix in PT to sound as good as one I do in Harrison MB32C. Plus you can import PT Sessions into Harrison. That's my number 1 right there. But I think Studio One is a close number 2.

    FL Studio is great for making beats, and I use it for that, but is sucks imo for mixing. No in the DAW analog style / sounding summing engine, they did however finally allow you to add a plugin over your whole session easily without having to do it one at a time back in the day. So that's an improvement. FL Studio doesn't have to be everything, it can be what it is great at, which is a production DAW for making beats. Others can be great at mixing. I am not a one DAW for all type of guy anyway.