[Video #3] - Special Bonus - DonKodyGotSlapz 1 Month Income Progress!


  • FatFingers FatFingers 2 years ago Boss Status Member

    While I was preparing video #3 a Beat Sale for $50 came in for DonKodyGotSlapz. I decided to share his progress and will resume the series after.


  • SkreallaMike SkreallaMike 2 years ago Producer

    Nice Don


    this is genius 


  • krooshalbeatz krooshalbeatz 11 months ago Producer

    i've created my first campaign and in the video you state that if i use the link to my profile that users would become my customer, what i want to know is does that apply to the invite link also because thats the one i used for my campaign not my profile link?

  • SenseiJay SenseiJay 11 months ago Hustler Status Producer

    Yes that does apply, both links are linked to your account so anyone who signs up from either will be your customer.

  • krooshalbeatz krooshalbeatz 11 months ago Producer

    ok thanks 

  • FatFingers FatFingers 11 months ago Boss Status Member

    Sensei is correct in stating that you will receive customers from either link. But to add more, the campaign link you generate with those links will simply track your clicks and conversions. I looked at the campaign you set up and it is done correctly. I would just add be very careful in paid promotions unless your are experienced.