What's the Benefit to Beat Battles Online?

2 Main Reasons to Battle Beats Online

1.) The Cash Payouts. With the founder having a successful history with online beat battles and paying out $25k plus in battles alone, it draws the best producers from around the world and as a result, brings more beat buyers to the platfrom.

2.) The Competition. Making it a competition brings the best out of you as a music producer. From how creative it will push you to be to how the feedback from the producer community will help you improve in areas you may have not known you needed.

How Beat Battling Pays You On Our Website

Monthly Cash Prizes for the Top Ranking Producers

We showcase the top music producers every month by listing the top 64 ranked producers in key locations on the website. The benefit is it makes it easier for beat buyers to find you and your beats. The top 2 ranked music producers every month will receive cash prizes to go with their status.

$5000 Tournament Battles for Top 64 Music Producers

Tournaments are extremely fun to be a part of and the pressure to compete is real! Especially when there is $5000 on the line. Here is how we detemined who makes it in the $5000 beat battle tournament. We take 3 months of battle rankings, i.e. (April, May , June). Then we grab the rankings combined from all three months to get the top 64 producers that will compete for the $5000

How to Battle Your Beats On Our Website?

2 Ways to Participate in a Beat Battle on our website.

1.) Start Battle - As a producer on BuyBeats.com, you will receive a dashboard to manage your account. Simply locate the "My Battles" link and click "Start Battle." There you will be able to start a regular battle or a same genre battle. Once your battle has a minimum of 7 votes and 1 staff vote, the battle can close. You will receive a win/lose ranking as well as points to determined your place at the end of the month. First and second place gets a cash prize.

2.) Join Battle - If you attempt to start a battle from the member area and there are pending battles waiting for an opponent, you will need to join the battle from the arena beat battle page. If there are no pending battles waiting, then you can start a battle and wait for an opponent to join.