About BuyBeats.com

A Little History

BuyBeats.com was originally registered in 2002 by an unknown music producer who decided to sell his beats online. With little success, it was sold to another music producer who also had a desire to sell their beats online. After several years of selling his beats online, he decided to reach out to Allen Brown in 2008 who owned the largest beat selling website at the time, Rocbattle.com. The two partnered together on BuyBeats.com to do something different for the music producer community. However, because rocbattle was Allen's sole focus at the time, BuyBeats.com just remained on the sidelines with very little desire to push. It wasn't until September of 2021, when Allen's son, music producer Sensei Jay, wanted to build a music studio that things sparked for a new direction. This completely re-inspired Allen to officially launch buybeats.com and build a platform for music producers all around the world to promote and sell their beats online.


Allen Brown and Josiah Brown are the co-founders of the new BuyBeats.com. Allen’s history in music production goes back to the late 90’s. Allen’s studio in Queens NY was a starting place for local acts looking to record their music projects. After several years of providing music production to local artists and operating a few businesses, Allen had a chance encounter that led to the meeting with Grammy Award winning producer, Rockwilder. After throwing some ideas around, the birth of a major beat selling site was born, “RocBattle.com.”

Rocbattle grew to make millions of dollars for its users running successfully from May 2006 to 2014. Allen launched a series of other successful projects that also helped music producers advance. The 2007-08 “Sell More Beats” course sold over 5000 copies and helped many producers increase their beat sales on and offline. Allen also launched BeatWebsites.com which helped producers brand their production by providing thousands of producers with beat websites. In 2016, Allen ventured off to start other businesses and to spend more time with family.

In September of 2022, Josiah, who is Allen’s son, wanted to build a studio in the lower level of the building they owned. Without hesitation, Allen agreed to help with the studio build out and in the process was inspired to jump back into the online beat selling scene.

Sensei Jay, which is Josiah’s music production name, started making beats in July of 2020, during the pandemic. He is continually evolving as a music producer getting better each day.

The Future

The future vision for Buybeats.com is very clear. We are on a mission to make our brand the go to platform for the best music production in the world. We plan to continue to build a platform where artists on all levels can connect with music producers that will bring their projects to life.