# How Beat Play Income Works?

Non-Paying Beat Plays
What is a unique beat play?
What determines if i'm paid for a beat play?
How much are music producers paid for beat plays?

# Beat Management Help

How to change beat order in your profile?
How to upload a wav or (Tracked out) zip file?
How do I create a Beat License?
How does beat pricing work?

# How Payouts Work?

How Monthly Subscription Income is Paid?
How Beat and Product Sales Are Paid Out?
How Beat Referral Commissions and Are Paid Out?
When do I receive money from Cash Battles?

# How Beat Battling System Works?

How to Start a Battle?
How to Vote on Beat Battles?
How are beat battles won?
How are producers ranked on the battle charts?

# How to avoid beats being removed from your account?

Can I put a voice tag on my beat?
How long should the beat I upload be?
Can I promote my website in my intro tag?