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1st Place - JimmyDukes $200
2nd Place - BosBeats $100

GAmmo VS BosBeats

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Battle Started : 5 days ago


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  • BeasleyDropDat BeasleyDropDat Bronze Status 05-26-2023 12:03 AM

    Very very good battle here.. bos brought those sandlot vibes lol I can’t deny just was feeling his beat a lil more but GA great job on that beat as well

  • BosBeats BosBeats 05-25-2023 10:39 PM

    Thx GAmmo

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status 05-25-2023 11:07 AM

    gammo that is fiiire....bos thats fire too just not old school just sounds more current and the drums is low in the mix I think both beats are Gammo on presentation but very fire battle

  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Bronze Status 05-25-2023 10:29 AM

    Both selections fit the genre but this came down to sample choice vs Dope drums, sample choice and mix that being said voting G-Ammo on this one good work 🫡

  • GAmmo GAmmo 05-25-2023 10:55 AM

    thanks Throw!!

  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Bronze Status 05-25-2023 10:24 AM

    You can’t go wrong with the Emcee Ultra drums

  • BeatsByJayree BeatsByJayree Hustler Status 05-25-2023 09:07 AM

    both dope

  • GAmmo GAmmo 05-25-2023 10:55 AM

    thx man!

  • BosBeats BosBeats 05-25-2023 01:45 AM

    3 in one month bro, lets get it.

  • GAmmo GAmmo 05-25-2023 08:38 AM

    Hahaha yeah we are on a roll!! Your chorus is dope man!

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