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$200 1st - MusicMystro
$100 2nd - BeasleyDropDat

dadux VS YaBoyBlackWolf

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Battle Started : 2 months ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • FatFingers FatFingers Executive Status Member
    2 months ago

    Both of these in wrong genres

  • Leslacez Leslacez Producer
    2 months ago

    dadux beat betyter 4 a battle

    2 months ago

    To be honest not sure if these beats fall into the hip-hop genre. Dadux your beat was more of a trap style beat. & Yaboyblackwolf I'm not sure what genre your beat is but I wouldn't say hip-hop. But both beats are dope for sure. But imma have to go with Dadux, fire beat bro 🔥🔥

Battle Results (dadux VS YaBoyBlackWolf)