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$200 1st - Jokeyent
$100 2nd - JimmyDukes

John_Pierre VS mrsonistbeatsofficial

NaW JumpeRZ Bronze Status
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Battle Started : 1 week ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • Sire Sire Producer
    1 week ago

    This was tough To decide I had to go with john on this one salute both of you though.

  • Uezurii Uezurii Producer
    1 week ago

    Very good beats! Gave it to John 'cause I fux with the vocal samples. Well done and good luck to both!! 🫡

  • beatsfromYHWH beatsfromYHWH Producer
    1 week ago

    great work both of you. gave it to mrsonist cuz i loved them guitars more. god bless y'all!

  • Hazword Hazword Producer
    1 week ago

    both had me vibe'n

  • GAmmo GAmmo Producer
    1 week ago

    Gotta go with John here aswell! dope battle tho!! love the percussions sonist! solid

  • KingYohannesBeats KingYohannesBeats Bronze Status Producer
    1 week ago

    ANOTHER dope battle but in my opinion this Pierre joint feels way more in a rnb realm but still can be used in pop mr.arsonist joint sound like some Shakira latin pop joint I rocks with both y'all joints good battle

  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Bronze Status Producer
    1 week ago

    Pierre that’s really tuff,the melody Congo percussions and backing instrumentation are smooth nice use of the vocals ….Mrsonist nice intro and backing congos with the percussions liked the subtle violin string and melody very good battle but overall I gotta give it to Pierre his vibe was impressive 🫡 2 both

  • John_Pierre John_Pierre Producer
    1 week ago

    Respect and gratitude bro

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