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$200 1st - JimmyDukes
$100 2nd - Jokeyent

LiingoBeats VS SoundToonzMusic

Grand Tournament 2 $500 Cash Prizes
Love Potion Bronze Status
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Battle Started : 1 month ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • BigThrowback BigThrowback Hustler Status Producer
    1 month ago

    Lingo real dope work as is your standard mix on point drum work tight good job ….. Toonz love the sample flip and the vocal chops along with the extra intro vocals bass a bit out of toon ( Pun intended) but not Enuff to not give you the edge as per the criteria Gave Lingo the mix and Toon the creativity and sequencing 🫑 2 both

  • BosBeats BosBeats Producer
    1 month ago

    Lingo, solid joint. Toonz, I really dig your drum work in many of your tracks, was really feeling this joint but the 808 out of tune messed it up, my ear is one of my best things when it comes to music, had you had the right note fam this woulda been my fav track for round one, gl fellz, good battle.

  • TariqAli TariqAli Bronze Status Producer
    1 month ago

    SoundToonzMusic. I like how you flipped that sample. That was one of my favorite jams back in the day!! nice beats fellas!

  • AJKing AJKing Producer
    1 month ago

    I believe that because soundtoonz have a very familiar and trendy sample his track is more noticeable.

  • beatsfromYHWH beatsfromYHWH Bronze Status Producer
    1 month ago

    this should be a cash battle bruh. both beats different worlds. one hard af, one vibey πŸ”₯ went with TOONZ cuz it had THAT bounce. however liingo had a pretty dope hard beat there as well. wish y'all a dope tournament! god bless! πŸ™πŸΌ

  • djprodluigi djprodluigi Hustler Status Producer
    1 month ago

    both are pretty saucy no lie but i was leaning more to soundtoonzmusic

  • DisABanger DisABanger Producer
    1 month ago

    Both Beats Fire!! Sound Toonz, Love the sample flip. Perfect for a battle!!

  • Yeahgor Yeahgor Producer
    1 month ago

    Heard it all soooo funky !

  • Yeahgor Yeahgor Producer
    1 month ago

    Love Potion Can Be a Club Banger !!! Heard IT ALL is so funky and fresh! Love it mates! Blessings yooo!

  • SoundToonzMusic SoundToonzMusic Producer
    1 month ago

    thanks bro!!!

  • PoisonBrain PoisonBrain Bronze Status Producer
    1 month ago

    Lingo your Pluck and instrumentation got me!!! Even though it's a little unfair because of different genres

  • Beatz_by_Wuga Beatz_by_Wuga Bronze Status Producer
    1 month ago

    Man thems 2 heavyweight beats....Soundtoonz that sample flip is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯but i edged it towards liingo cause that beat drop gave me stank face

  • SwaySimons SwaySimons Bronze Status Producer
    1 month ago

    Lingo beats heavy with it 🀧πŸ”₯🀾🏿 I love that beat soundtoonz, Even match. Good luck fam

  • John_Pierre John_Pierre Producer
    1 month ago

    dammit toonz, if your 808 would have been in key.... well anyway lingo that was amazing bro, i give u the nod here....
    Edited 10-10-2023 22:14 PM

  • BeasleyDropDat BeasleyDropDat Bronze Status Producer
    1 month ago

    Agreed! It’s just sum off or missing toonz other than that I like the way u chopped that sample up! But liingo fire as usual

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