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$300 1st - MusicMystro
$100 2nd - Jokeyent


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Battle Started : 3 weeks ago


(Please offer constructive critique without insults. Thanks!)
  • FatFingers FatFingers Executive Status Member
    3 weeks ago

    Dope battle- Lu that was def different. Dope stuff.

  • Lu-Banger Lu-Banger Producer
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you sir, I appreciate it 🙌🏻✌🏻🙂

  • MusicMystro MusicMystro Producer
    3 weeks ago

    the better more put together beat won here!

  • SullyBeatz SullyBeatz Producer
    3 weeks ago

    Both dope, liked Elfrees uniqueness a bit more

  • Jokeyent Jokeyent Bronze Status Producer
    3 weeks ago

    Lu banger here that was 🔥🔥🔥...

  • Lu-Banger Lu-Banger Producer
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you, sir 🫡🙌🏻

  • tmthaproducer tmthaproducer Producer
    3 weeks ago

    great work broskis 💯 GL guys!

  • Alekky Alekky Producer
    3 weeks ago

    this is are big type of energies...💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Lu-Banger Lu-Banger Producer
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks ✌🏻 and yes, you're right, the two beats have totally different vibes. Elfree blew my head off with his 808s 🔥

Battle Results (Lu-Banger VS ELFREE)