6 Ways to Get Paid on the BuyBeats Platform

6 Ways to Get Paid on the BuyBeats Platform

Many recording artists are unaware of the numerous opportunities BuyBeats.com offers to earn money. In this blog post, we'll explore six different ways you can get paid as a recording artist on BuyBeats.com.

1. Get Verified and Get Paid to Listen:
The first way to earn on BuyBeats.com is by becoming a verified artist. Getting verified is a straightforward process involving a Beat Request submission and adding your social media information. Once verified that you are an actual artist, you'll receive a blue checkmark for your account, and every time you listen to beats on the platform, you earn a percentage of the stream revenue. BuyBeats.com stands out by paying you for simply listening to beats.

Invite Music Producers and Other Artists:
Regardless of your verification status, you can invite others to join BuyBeats.com using specialized invite links. Here's how you can earn in two distinct ways:

2. Inviting Music Producers:
When you invite a music producer who signs up through your link, you receive a 30% revenue stream cut every time their beats are played on the platform. It's a fantastic incentive for bringing talented producers to BuyBeats.com.

3. Inviting Other Artists:
When you invite another artist to the platform, you receive 20% of the revenue stream payout each time that artist plays producers' beats. This simple act of inviting artists can help you generate income, making it an excellent way to finance your promotional activities as a recording artist.

4. Earnings from Sales:
If an artist you invited decides to purchase a beat from any producer, you receive a 30% commission on the sale. The sale amount doesn't matter; you earn 30% whether it's a $25 beat or a $1,000 beat purchase. This commission keeps coming in as long as the artist continues to make purchases, ensuring you benefit from your initial invitation.

5. What If You Become a Premium Artist on the Platform
As a premium artist yourself, you can purchase beats from the platform and receive a 30% cashback on every purchase. This means you get a 30% refund on any beat you buy, regardless of the price. Having a premium account offers you the opportunity to save 30% on each beat purchase.

6. Sign Up Premium Music Producers and Artists:
As a premium account holder you receive 40% of any music producer or artist monthly premium subscription payment. This means you benefit not only from inviting artists and music producers but also from their premium subscriptions. Premium artists enjoy the perk of downloading a standard beat for free each month.

Start Earning Today:
To begin maximizing your earnings on BuyBeats.com, start by submitting a Beat request and becoming a verified artist. Once verified, click on the blue share button on your Beat request page, and share it with your social media friends and followers. Simply let producers know they can submit beats to your details request. Every producer who signs up through your link becomes your customer for life, ensuring you receive rewards indefinitely.

BuyBeats.com provides recording artists with not only a platform to discover incredible beats but also a variety of ways to earn money. By becoming a verified artist, inviting music producers and other artists, and exploring the benefits of a premium account, you can enhance your income and make the most out of your music journey on BuyBeats.com.

With six distinct avenues for earning, there's no better time to get started. Submit your Beat request today, and unlock the potential for a lifetime of rewards on BuyBeats.com!


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