How To Distribute Your OWN Music With Out A Record Deal!

How To Distribute Your OWN Music With Out A Record Deal!

In this article, I am going to share the process of getting your music digitally distributed without having to rely on a record label.

For the past year this is the most asked question I have received and today I wanted to write in detail about it. It doesn’t matter if you only have a single or maybe you’ve completed a mixtape or an album, you can be streaming and selling now on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, google, iheart radio, and so on.

Being an Artist, I have used various popular services that are easily available at a single click, but I couldn’t find satisfaction in them and then I thought of deep diving to see if I can find a more suitable service for my distribution needs. What I found that inspired me the most is Distrokid. Distrokid services help to sell your music on multiple platforms and are the most affordable in my opinion.

The Best Thing About Using the Distrokid

What I think stands out the most is the price to use Distrokid.  This is the best thing that separates it from the rest of the service providers because they charge a small flat fee per year. On top of that, no commissions are taken from your earnings. They charge $19.99 per year, and you can use this service for as many songs as you want. It's basically less than 2 dollars a month if you break it down like that. To go even further, it would be around 6-7 cents per day with unlimited uploads for the whole year.

Another thing about Distrokid is that it’s fast to get your music out on the major streaming platforms so you can start generating sales. As far as other service providers, it will take up to ten days, sometimes more to process your music to the live streaming and major platforms but with Distrokid, it will take hardly 2 days to go.

Best service provider for those indie artists

Distrokid is the best service provider for an independent artist who believes in making their own way. The process of delivering your music to the market is a key factor when you are doing it all on your own and trying to save money and time. Well, this platform is so affordable, that you may not even have to wait for your next paycheck to set up. Just like that your music is on different platforms receiving distribution with major digital stores. All you are going to pay is 20 bucks per year with unlimited uploading and fast delivery. 

Here are Distrokids Benefits Listed

  • - Fee charged only per year.
  • - Take no commission
  • - Super Cheap pleasant services of charging a fee
  • - Unlimited uploads
  • - Give Discounts
  • - Very quick service
  • - In comparison to other music apps, it works fast
  • - Easiest use
  • - Cancel membership anytime
  • - Easily available
  • - Build audience faster than other social networks
  • - Allow you to upload legally songs
  • - If someone does a parody of songs and uploads it, it’s illegal and the account will be banned 🚫
  • - Copyright material is not allowed
  • - Easy to get a membership and use this app
  • - Monthly payouts

It’s worth it to visit DistroKid and see what its all about.