How ValentinBeatz Made $1560.46 in 3 Months with

How ValentinBeatz Made $1560.46 in 3 Months with

Disclaimer. Even though we know everyone can make this much money or more, we are simply going to state that your results depend solely on your hustle. With that said, let’s jump right in on how ValentinBeatz is finding success on in an industry where it’s getting harder and harder to make it.

Some producers sign up to and expect the system to do all the work for them. It doesn’t work that way. One of the first things you must realize is we are not a site like BeatStars, Airbit or any community beat site where you upload your beats and only make money from beat sales. Nothing against those sites, but they are not creating partnerships and long-term revenue streams for their users like we are. is heading up the new wave of partnerships with creators and doing things better by being a profit-sharing platform. The business model used by BuyBeats is giving creators a lot more financial rewards that only owners and bosses have enjoyed in the past.

Some producers still don’t get the BuyBeats Concept

We see over and over producers sign up to BuyBeats and then after 1-3 months leave BuyBeats because nothing happened. When you have a discussion with them, it’s discovered that they had no full idea or understanding of how BuyBeats works to their benefit. It’s likened to someone you handed a shovel to in a gold mine but stood there for 3 months and never started to dig. Well in this brief article I’m going to share how ValentinBeatz dug right in and is on track to be a big earner on the BuyBeats Platform as it grows.

To be fair, it’s only right to share that ValentinBeatz has over 50K followers on Instagram. So, it does make it a little easier for him to get started and scale his business partnership with However, he is following the same process for success as others to get the same results. If you know the process, you can get the same results in your own timing. What we are going to do here is break down some of his stats and the process for his success.

ValentinBeatz is using the power of our referral affiliate program the RIGHT way. I see many users letting money slip through the cracks by promoting the wrong way. What I mean is he is getting artists and music producers to hit his affiliate links. If you know anything about affiliate marketing programs on the internet, you will already know that the company can track your activity through your links. Here are few ways we have observed ValentinBeatz doing this.

After he posts about his newly uploaded beats, he instructs artists to hit the link in his IG bio. This is key because the BuyBeats system tracks the artists. When they sign up, they become ValentinBeatz customers for life on the platform. This is a real BIG DEAL! Here’s WHY!

1. When that customer buys his beats, he keeps 100% of the price of the beats minus PayPal fee.

2. When that artist listens to all his beats, he is generating stream revenue just for the artist playing his beats. $17.83 is currently what was made for his beats being streamed. Which is not bad for the beginning. You must think what will happen as his artists network grows!

3. When that same artist starts to listen to other producers’ beats, he starts to generate 20% of the stream payout. This is why you currently see that he has $1.44 made already in that section. This is only the beginning, but what happens when you are responsible for hundreds and even thousands of artists you invite to the program. This all means that you can do the work now and make money in the future for the work you put into today.

On the producer side of things, ValentinBeatz is simply sharing his results and bringing to like how producers are suffering and can build a better way with each other. When you think about it, BuyBeats is the best thing for community growth amongst producers to date. The reason why we know this is because on other community sites only the owner gets all the money. BuyBeats is sharing all of the Income.

4. As ValentinBeatz is sharing the good news about, he is being rewarded with an opportunity to grow his monthly subscription. He’s just not telling artists and producers to go to He is utilizing the links that are provided for him to spread the word. He is telling music producers to DM him once they inquire about what he posts online, then he simply links them to the information. Now many producers reading this have done this for free for other platforms and haven’t been rewarded a dime for their referrals. But BuyBeats is partnering with you and pays you monthly 40-65% for all subscriptions that results from your efforts. This is why you see $1049.38 earned in 3 months in ValentinBeatz dashboard from subscriptions and steady growing bigger every month.

5. Something else that grows your subscription revenue is your second-tier subscriptions. Many producers are eating off this income as well on It’s no secret that ValentinBeatz referred music producer BeatsByCasual. The great thing about that referral is that BeatsByCasual referred more Artists and Producers than ValentinBeatz. This results in ValentinBeatz receiving a 10% revenue split from all BeatsByCasuals subscriptions. We made it so we all eat as we all grow within the network. On other platforms, only the owners eat every month from subscription revenue.

6. BeatsByCasuals artists list is growing daily, he is also adding beats very often. Well, what does this have to do with ValentinBeatz. On other platforms it wouldn’t mean anything. However, on it means that ValentinBeatz is getting 30% stream revenue every time any artists invited by anyone plays any of BeatsByCasual beats. Why? Because he referred him and is rewarded profit-share, because without ValentinBeatz he wouldn’t be here. So, the more producers you invite, the more income you generate from their streams. EVERYBODY EATS!

7. You don’t have to battle your beats if you don’t want to. It is something that is evolving on the BuyBeats Platform. However, our platform offers several opportunities to win cash and ValentinBeatz made $130 battling his beats which were picked in staff battles.

8. Last are the beats he sold on the BuyBeats platform. $359.01 is not bad at all considering the climate of the beat market now. However, the great thing about it all is there are multiple to ways to grow on a platform offering multiple streams of income for producers that can understand the LONG GAME!

For ValentinBeatz to earn $1560.46 in just 3 months is a great accomplishment especially when it is getting harder and harder for music producers to earn money. Remember, BuyBeats is a baby and not even 2 years old with plenty of room to grow. Many producers still don’t have a clue there’s a system out here that has all of this to offer while at the same time promoting their beats.
If there is one thing that we are sure of, residual income is better than random beat sales. At least you know you as a producer you can look forward to growing steady monthly income.

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    super dope I'm proud of you keep grinding I'm trying to be like you blessings

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    keep up the great work valentinbeatz and the whole community.

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    2 months ago

    This is absolutely amazing ? I wanna thank the whole buybeats platform!! I love this community and platform. The consent is amazing I saw the vision right away. This definitely gave me a tear!! Hard work pays ? off. Buybeats #everybodyeats!

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    Real dope!! That's what's up bro!!

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    thanks for believing in me and buybeats

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    Congrats! Keep grinding bro. Gotta keep hope alive lol

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    Nice. It's great to hear other's people success stories. It brings hope.

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    Congratulations Bro! So Amazing... And just the beginning! Your hardwork and consistency is to be admired! Let's go!!

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    Congratulations to @valentinbeatz! Keep setting the pace! Remember family, those who are right now actively building with the Buybeats platform are creating the story that everyone else is going to tell later! So get active and make history with us!

  • Valentinbeatz Boss Status Producer
    2 months ago

    appreciate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lets gooooo!!! Congrats brotha!! You putting in that work and deserve everything coming your way!! Your motivation for all of us!!

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    Appreciate you bro for real

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