A Free Plugin That Will Help You Get Decent Mixes And Allow You To Focus On Creating Music.


  • VigilanteStylez VigilanteStylez 1 year ago Producer

    Are you all tired of me, and others ragging on your beats because of the mix? Problem solved. Get the Free Focusrite Balancer and put it across your whole session. https://www.sonible.com/balancer/ (You might have to copy paste that link). What it does. It will EQ balance your instruments, in a nice way due to it's underlying AI engine developed by Sonible. The makers of "Smart EQ" and others. I don't think this thing does any compression, but the EQ is solid. Nice addition is that you can also render your tracks with it on when sending trackouts, and the engineer will actually be very pleased at having some good sounding tracks to work with.

    What it does not do. It doesn't give you a final mix type of sound. So there may be some compression, and some final EQ moves to make it fit with the type of emotion you want out of the song / beat. Don't get me wrong, you could be lazy and just slap this across the whole session, balance out the volumes, and print it. The mix would still sound pretty nice as is like that. But I tend to think of it as preparing a mix rather than doing the mix. For a producer, that's exactly what you want. Let a mix engineer do the mixing, all you need to do is have some solid tracks and general volume moves, then slap a limiter on the master bus, and print that in order to have something to show people and hopefully get some beat sales. Then when they ask for the trackouts, print the tracks with the balancer on it, and the mix engineer will be very happy.

    Did I mention that this is FREE? Go get it! Ultra low CPU hit too. This should be in every producer's arsenal.