IOS App Notification Functionality


  • DavidYahchleEl DavidYahchleEl 1 year ago Bronze Status Producer

    I may be nitpicking with this but because I really appreciate your genius in creating such a dynamically-robust,  mutually beneficial platform I want to support your vision by helping to remove as many encountered "holes in the bucket" as possible.

    I noticed on the app for iPhones (IOS - unsure if the same thing happens on Android) when it shows that you have a notification ( specifically when you receive a comment on a beat battle or when it notifies you that the battle has closed - and also when a comment is received here under the forum section as well ) and you click on it to read the comment ( or see the battle results or forum response)  it just brings you back to the home screen instead of taking you to the comment ( or results or forum) .Seems like it could be a possible url-redirect error.


  • FatFingers FatFingers 1 year ago Boss Status Member

    we are aware of this. Those sections/features have not been added to the app just yet and in the process. It will be resolved once they are implemented. We just added the forum and blog yesterday. So the reply you get for this comment on the app should work fine. The notification system is ahead of the releases so to say. Hope that makes sense.

  • DavidYahchleEl DavidYahchleEl 1 year ago Bronze Status Producer

    Makes perfect sense. Thank you. ~Bless