Issues with pro store management.


  • MikejBeats MikejBeats Basic Status 2 months ago

    i have the following issues with pro store beat management.

    1. When dragging and changing order of the beats after 3 - 4 beats that i have changed and dropped in the list I can't drop the dragged beat anymore in a spot. The beat just moves around with the mouse coursor and can't drop in a spot in the list.

    2. I can't drag and drop beats between diifferent pages in the list just within the same page in pro store beat management.

  • FatFingers FatFingers Boss Status 2 months ago

    If you drop a beat on page 3 to the top, it will actually be on page 1 when you refresh to that page.


    As for the first issue, could be from grabbing in wrong spot. Im not 100% sure I can understand that one. if you can screen capture that, that would be great to see issue.