DAMN DAVID Drum Kit, Vol. 1


Producer: ProdDavidSPark


Want your sounds to make your listeners go “DAMN!”? With my first official “DAMN DAVID Drum, Kit Vol. 1,” any producer can engage more listeners with thumpin’ 808s, unique but humorous percussions, and wavy melodies! ??? Designed for any producer at any level, this big drum kit has 250 sounds/MIDI’s that include: ● 20 hihats ● 20 claps/snaps ● 10 snares ● 10 rimshots ● 25 808s/bass shots ● 20 kicks ● 45 percussions ● 25 one-shots ● 20 hihat MIDI’s ● 20 808 MIDI’s ● 20 kick MIDI’s ● 10 royalty-free melodies ? ● 5 textures ? If you use a melody from my kit, you keep all the royalties; however, you must credit the producer who made the melody and label him as co-producer. (Prod. you x David S. Park). These new drum sounds are used to make unique, hard hitting beats that’ll shock your listeners into saying “DAMN!” #damndavid! ? Feel free to send whatever you make with my sounds to my email psangwon334@gmail.com. Feel free to tag me on social media, too! ? Should you have any questions and comments/feedback, please contact me by: - Email: psangwon334@gmail.com - Instagram: @david_s.park - Twitter: @David_S_Park You can find all my socials here: https://withkoji.com/@David_S_Park

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