The Rap Lyricist Handbook - {Starter Pack Offer}


Producer: The-Corporatethief-Beats


THE RAP LYRICISTS HANDBOOK" Hip Hop Lyrics Guide, How To Record & Perform, and Marketing Resource eBook" . With 250 colourful pages of curated advice, practical exercises, and proven strategies, you'll have everything you need to create hit songs that resonate with your audience. The Rap Lyricist Handbook - {Starter Pack Offer} Includes BASIC EBOOK OFFER See Below For Offer Content Details - $9.99 The Rap Lyricists HandBook eBook Free Bonus #1 Music Marketing Tools Cheat Sheet Free Bonus #2 Rap Musicians Checklist SpreadSheet Filled With Tons Of Resources From Websites and Tools That Help Both With Music Marketing and Songwriting. Free Bonus #3 Smart Rapper eBook on How To Build A Successful Rap Career Free Bonus #4 Self Made Classic by Drew Morrisey aka How To Rap Drew Showcasing How To Promote Your Rap Project On A Tight Budget

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