[GRIEF.KIT] Sound Series Vol. 1 (Innovative Expressions)




THE [GRIEF.kit] SOUND SERIES The [griefkits] sound series, is highly sought after and available here exclusively for a limited time. This is potentially the most original sample pack you might ever come across. Get it before the rest of the community catches on! The samples are made through recording of live instruments (bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar etc.)with synths and various time stretching/pitch correcting software, together with VST-Plugins to alter (lower) the fidelity - as is the preferable standard in the hiphop industry today. The sounds and vocals you hear throughout our samples are recorded using various microphones from our collection of 100 different microphones - from high end ribbon and condenser mic formats - to cheap Japanese dynamic mics from the 80’s found at a garage sell - and everything in between. Selected depending on our experience and approach, we set them up in unique positions, placements, patterns, directions, all deliberately to capture a unique sound scape on a track by track basis that has never been heard before. Although the process is extremely time consuming, it is our promise we made to ourselves and our customers who are as passionate as we are, together we will strive to stand out. In today's world of making music you get low quality sample pack with generic sounds that you seem to hear all over the internet. Same samples, same chord progressions, same choice of vst-plugins. We offer a way to stand apart from all this unoriginal and practically stolen/shared musical creations.    [Innovative Expressions] SAMPLE PACK | vol.1 This is the first ever attempt at releasing a Sample Pack by Jacobthewilliam. After 20 years and thousands of recordings, he has collected enough material to pull samples from. In this pack are 200 ORIGINAL loops literally played by Jacob & friends using various real/live instruments that are then meticulously sliced on every transient point - resulting in perfectly stretchable BPM mappings to match your desired tempo. This will be the very first installment of his [griefkit] series of sounds which is Jacob's heartfelt attempt at giving back to the music producer community he owes so much to. Hope you have fun and enjoy these 100% royalty free samples! 

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