Beat Name: Want You Now

Producer: Uezurii

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"Want You Now" is an engaging instrumental initialy intended for Solid Past, a duo of producers Uezurii and Miracle Productions. Blending Drill and R&B, the beat merges Drill's intensity with R&B's smoothness. Centered around a warm Rhodes, it's complemented by a textured synthesizer. A detailed drum kit propels the rhythm, including punchy kicks, snappy snares, and groovy hi-hats, providing a solid foundation and infectious groove. - Uezurii

  • Genre: R&B
  • BPM: 136
  • Beat Mood: Calming
  • Contain Sample: No
  • Keyword Tags: RnB, RnDrill, R&B, Smooth, forsale
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  • ProdByMiracle ProdByMiracle 09-01-2023 12:57 PM