Beat Name: Distraction



This U.K Drill Beat HITS HARD! The melodic part is an ambient/reflective state of mind, maybe even reminiscing. 

Although this is not a typical aggressive Drill Beat, It does show a different side or style  to Drill Music.


The 808 glides smoothly and flows perfectly with the percussive elements. At the end of the percussive 8 bar phrase, the beat switches up slightly with a gentle syncopated rhythm to transition to the next section unexpectedly. 

This beat will for sure turn heads and have the listeners attention with this catchy bounce.    

  • Genre: Drill
  • BPM: 150
  • Beat Mood: Reflective
  • Contain Sample: Yes
  • Keyword Tags: U.K Drill, Drill, Hard Beat, Ambient, Emotional
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