[Video] - What's the Difference Between BeatStars, Airbit and BuyBeats.com?

[Video] - What's the Difference Between BeatStars, Airbit and BuyBeats.com?

As BuyBeats.com enters the market with a new profit-sharing concept, the question as to why music producers and artists would join another production site is being made very clear by its founder, Allen Brown. In this video, Allen breaks down what makes BuyBeats.com different and how members can leverage their time and efforts while promoting their beats. The site offers a new income opportunity that pays you 3 ways, while traditional beat websites like BeatStars, AirBit, Soundee, and others limit their users to only selling beats and maybe a few other digital products. BuyBeats.com offers those things plus more.

Check out the video that was put together by founder Allen Brown AKA Fatfingers and comment below to let us know your thoughts.

"BuyBeats.com is The Only Beat Website that Pays creators multiple ways!"

BuyBeats.com is a website that gives both Artist and Music Producers an opportunity to make additional income while buying and selling beats online. The system is designed to pay you for simply sharing beats. If you're already sharing your beats online, and not making additional income, then you need to sign up to BuyBeats.com today! You're losing a lot of money if you're using websites like Airbit, BeatStars, Soundee, or others. BuyBeats.com is the only beat website where you do the same thing as other sites but instead pays you multiple ways!

If you want to discover how you can make 30-40% commissions as a member of Buybeats.com, then Click Here to learn now.


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    everything here makes sense. good stuff

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    This was amazing love it thank you for sharing blessings...